November 12 - November 16, 2018

Small Actions Add Up to Real Change!

During the South Africa Sustainability Challenge, we challenge you to adopt environmentally-friendly, South Africa-inspired behaviors that support sustainability, community, and well-being on campus. Throughout the week, you can earn points for completing actions, engaging your community, and sharing your story. Your points add up to demonstrate your impact and help you win prizes. Here are all the ways you can earn points:

Action Points Description  
Joining a Team 10 Welcome to the Challenge! Joining an existing team will earn you 10 points.  
Early-Bird Registration 25 The early bird gets the worm - you'll receive a 25 point bonus for being one of the first 50 people to register!  
Create Your Own Team 25 Take the lead! Team Captains receive 25 points when they create a new Team.  
Post a Profile Picture 10 Personalize your profile and share your game face with other participants! Add a profile picture to receive 10 points.  
Check in on Current Day 5 Stay on track! You'll receive 5 bonus points for reporting your progress on the day you complete the action.  
Complete One Daily Action 10 Log your success and add to our collective impact! You’ll receive 10 points for every day that you tell us you completed at least one daily action.  
Complete More Than One Daily Action 10 Get rewarded for your extra effort! you’ll receive 10 points for every day that you tell us you completed more than one daily action.  
Post to Your Feed 5 Celebrate your success and inspire other participants! You’ll receive 5 points for posting to your feed each day. You’re welcome to post as many times per day as you wish, but you’ll only receive 5 points per day for posting.