November 11 - November 15, 2019

Welcome to University of Richmond’s East Asia EcoChallenge

University of Richmond is celebrating International Education Week with actions and events inspired by sustainability innovations and challenges in East Asia! Based on the wide diversity of environments and cultures across the region, we’ve created the East Asia EcoChallenge.


This one week challenge will allow you to choose behaviors that have a positive impact on you, the environment, and our campus community. Each action you adopt will earn points. At the end of the challenge, the three competitors with the highest point totals will win prizes inspired by East Asia.


Take a Virtual Tour of East Asia

Each morning, you can start the day with a few stops on our virtual tour of East Asia. We’ll send you an email based on each day’s theme and actions with information about a couple countries or communities facing a sustainability challenge or innovating sustainable solutions in East Asia. During our virtual tour you’ll learn about what makes selected areas of East Asia unique, environmental issues specific to various regions, and what different countries are doing to support sustainable environments and communities.

Celebrate East Asia - Daily Events

As you compete in the East Asia Ecochallenge, you'll also be invited to attend daily events hosted by the Office of International Education and the Office for Sustainability.

Wish Walk & Opening Celebration
November 11
The Forum
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Eating Well for Yourself & the Environment
November 11
Wilton Center Multifaith Room

Shinrin-yoku: Practicing Mindfulness in Nature
November 12
Westhampton Lake Gazebo

Panel: Tidying Up – The Beauty of Order in Japan
November 12
International Center Commons
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November 12
International Center Gallery
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Solar Tour
November 13
Robins Center

Asia Week Presentation: Innovation in China
November 13
Weinstein Hall Brown Alley Room
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Festival of Lights
November 13
Tyler Haynes Commons
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International Dinner
November 13
Heilman Dining Center
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Invasive Species Removal at Huguenot Flatwater
November 14
Registration Required

Fall Clothing Swap & America Recycles Day
November 15
Tyler Haynes Commons, The Pier

Together, we're connecting the dots

The East Asia Ecochallenge is powered by the Ecochallenge Platform, a signature offering of At, we believe in solutions. Through our Ecochallenge Platform and Discussion Courses, we connect you with research-backed actions and with fellow humans who want to take these actions with you. We show you how our collective behavior -- and your personal transformation -- connects with the reality of a better shared future.

Over 110,000 people from 101 countries have used our Ecochallenge Platform, and we have engaged over 300,000 people throughout our 26-year history. Our Ecochallenge Platform can also be used to create custom Challenges that meet the engagement and action goals of your workplace, college, or community.

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